Pegasus Legion

Pegasus Legion

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This is a preorder for a 1.5in enamel pin inspired by Red Rising. All preorders will receive the pin, bookmark and print. Shipping prices have gone up recently so I can no longer offer free shipping. International buyers please contact me for untracked shipping options. 

Production will take around 6-8 weeks. After the pins go into production I will make sure to keep you updated. You can check back here or on Instagram. @creativeleighcrafts

Please note, pins are expected to ship towards the end of July. These pins are also limited and once sold out I will not restock.


Once pins are on hand price is subject to change.

Free tracked shipping for all U.S. preorders and free untracked shipping for International customers. If you’d like tracked shipping please contact me for prices.

what is a ‘standard’ pin?

A standard enamel pin is a pin that is pretty much perfect. There might be some light scratches, but these pins are free from any major defects that make the pin a second grade.

what are ‘seconds’ pins?

A second grade enamel pin is a pin that has more imperfections in comparison to a standard pin.
You can expect to see one or more of these imperfections on a second grade enamel pin:
-Scuff and scratches
-Uneven enamel surface
-Small-Large dots/pooling of misplaced color
-Multiple air bubbles or large air bubbles
-Missing enamel

what’s the difference between ‘B’ and ‘C’ grade?

The different grades represent the varying degrees of imperfections in comparison to a standard pin.

You can expect to see more imperfections in a ‘C’ grade pin than a ‘B’ grade. In some ‘B’ grade pins the imperfections may be small scratches or air bubbles while in comparison ‘C’ grade pins may have a lot of scratches or overflow of enamel.